Focus and Scope


Reinforcement Review in Civil Engineering Studies and Management Journal establishes a forum for disseminating conceptual ideas by publishing original research articles related to the broad field of civil engineering.


Reinforcement journal encompasses original research articles, including:  

  1. Building and Structural Engineering, studies related to structural studies for public infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, and dams.
  2. Transportation Engineering and Management related to Transportation Planning and Policy, Airport Management, Highway and Traffic Engineering, Material Pavement Studies, and Urban Planning.
  3. Geotechnical Engineering pertains to the comprehensive studies of the mechanical behavior of soil and rock formations, formulating the structural designs for foundational systems, retaining structures, and foundation constructions.
  4. Construction Engineering and Management involves project management and review of construction and building management.
  5. Water Resources Engineering and Management related to fluids, flow patterns, and hydraulic systems, Coastal and Harbor Engineering.
  6. Disaster Management related to disaster risk reduction techniques, disaster early warning system, climate change adaptation, vulnerability analysis and trends, pre and/or post-disaster reconstruction, and rehabilitation planning and management.