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Nata Palemahan: Journal of Environmental Engineering Innovations
Nata Palemahan
2 issues per year
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Putu Indah Dianti Putri
I Gusti Agung Ananda Putra,

Nata Palemahan Journal serves as a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the field of environmental engineering. Published twice a year (in May and October) by the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional. This journal invites researchers, academics, practitioners, stakeholders, and students to contribute to the dissemination of original research findings, innovative concepts, literature reviews, and practical applications across various aspects of environmental engineering.
The journal's mission is to foster innovative research and development, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, support the implementation of sustainable solutions for environmental protection, and raise public awareness about the crucial role of environmental engineering in addressing global challenges.

With a broad and comprehensive scope, Nata Palemahan Journal encompasses topics such as resource management and technology, pollution prevention and control, environmental science and ecology, technology, management, and policy aspects, and monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation.

Through a rigorous peer-review process, the journal ensures the quality and originality of published research. Authors can submit their original manuscripts through the online system and have the opportunity to obtain open-access publication, allowing their research to be freely accessed by the global community.