Focus and Scope

Nata Palemahan Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of original research findings, innovative concepts, literature reviews, and practical applications in various aspects of environmental engineering. The journal welcomes contributions from researchers, academics, practitioners, and other stakeholders with an interest in advancing sustainable knowledge and technologies for the protection and preservation of the natural environment and natural resources.

Nata Palemahan Journal encompasses a wide range of topics related to environmental engineering, covering but not limited to the following areas:
1. Water treatment and management
2. Wastewater treatment and management
3. Air polution control and management
4. Solid waste treatment and management
5. Hazardous waste treatment and management
6. Ecology and environmental science
7. Environmental management technology
8. Environmental information system
9. Environmental health and toxicology
10. Environmental remediation and bioremediation
11. Environmental chemistry
12. Environmental law and policy
13. Environmental economics and social
14. Environmental monitoring and assessment
15. Disaster mitigation and climate change
16. Natural resource management
17. Water resource management and coastal areas
18. Recycling and eco-friendly technology
19. Sustainable energy system and renewable energy technology
20. Health and safety