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Viewing marketing 4.O: the role of influencer marketing, brand equity, and brand preference on the purchase intention of endek cloth. Endek cloth is one of the cultural heritages that has grown rapidly since 1985. Endek  ambassadors is an association of young people formed by the Denpasar City government through the Denpasar City Industry and Trade Office. Through the Endek Ambassador, the Denpasar City government is aggressively promoting endek cloths through offline and online activities through social media. This study aims to determine the effect of endek ambassadors as a marketing influencer and the effect of brand equity on purchase intention. This study also aims to explore the role of brand preference as a mediation on the relationship between influencer marketing, brand equity, and purchase intention. The sample in this study is the people who live in the city of Denpasar. The sample used in this study was the people of Denpasar city, which amounted to 100 respondents with a simple random sampling technique for collecting samples. This research uses PLS (Partial Least Square) analysis technique. The results of this study found that: The influencer marketing variable on brand preference did not have a significant effect. The brand equity variable has a significant positive effect on brand preference. The brand preference variable has a significant positive effect on the purchase intention variable. The influencer marketing variable has a significant positive effect on purchase intention. The brand equity variable has a significant positive effect on the purchase intention variable. The brand preference variable does not have a role as a mediator of the relationship between influencer marketing and purchase intention. The brand preference variable has a role as a partial mediation of the relationship between brand equity and purchase intention, meaning that brand equity is able to influence purchase intention directly without going through the brand preference variable.


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