Archiving Policy

The Review of Management, Accounting, and Business Studies is committed to ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of its publications. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive archiving policy:

  1. National Library GARUDA Archiving: All publications from the Review of Management, Accounting, and Business Studies will be archived in the national library system GARUDA. This ensures that our journal’s content is preserved in a secure and reputable national repository, providing long-term access to our readers and researchers.

  2. Local Backup: In addition to national archiving, we maintain a local backup of all our publications. This local backup is regularly updated to ensure that we have a current and complete copy of our journal's content.

  3. Data Restoration: In the event that any content is found to be corrupted or lost, we have protocols in place to restore the affected content. Restoration will be conducted using either cloud storage solutions or our local backup, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the integrity and availability of our publications.

By implementing these archiving measures, the Review of Management, Accounting, and Business Studies aims to provide a reliable and resilient platform for scholarly communication, preserving the valuable contributions of our authors for future generations.