Indonesian Constitutional Law Politics The Thought of The King Can Do Not Wrong


  • Gusti Partana Mandala Universitas Pendidikan Nasional



This paper aims to examine the idea that the king can do not wrong
can be said to be a means of power in power to manipulate citizens.
Currently, Indonesian legal products have been contaminated by
this idea. No wonder citizens want a political balance of law to
demand legal justice for the ruler. The question that arises about
the idea of the king can not do wrong against the Indonesian
constitutional system has become a topic of study. This writing
uses the normative legal writing method. Through the method of
reviewing several literature and historical studies around the
world, it is possible to facilitate the discussion presented through
depiction in the form of a sentence. The results of the discussion
show that resistance to legal products has not only occurred in
Indonesia, but has occurred in several countries long before. In
Indonesia, efforts are made to fight against legal products,
especially against positive legal products that are deemed less
justice. As a form of a unitary state, mistakes in legal products are
often made by the executive. However, there is a complicated
matter regarding the ruler who cannot be punished for making
legal products. So it can be concluded that the legal product is
basically made full of interests, especially the interests of the rulers
who are under legitimacy.

Political Law, Indonesian State
Administration The thought of
The King Can Do Not Wrong


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