Focus and Scope

This journal is published to develop the ability in writing in accordance with the field of communication, including public relations and journalism, in addition to the journal COMMUSTY discusses social phenomena concerned with the science of communication.

Cultural Studies:
Representation Studies, Critical Theory, Identity Studies, Minority Studies, Gender, Feminist Theory, Reception Studies, Popular Culture, Film Studies, Subcultures, Ideology, Hegemony, Texts, and Readers.

Communication Studies :
Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Crisis Communication, Advertising, Brand Value, Digital Branding, Direct Selling, Promotion, Interactive and Digital Marketing Communication Studies, Memory and Media, Gender and Sexuality in the Media, Social Media, Media Globalization, Media Convergence, Media Literacy, Media Language, Media and Religion, Media and Technology, Psychology Communication, Strategic Communication, Education communication, Interpersonal Communication, mass communication, media, business communication, semiotic, Disaster Communication, and all the research in the communication field.