Implementasi Kebijakan Bantuan Operasional Kesehatan


  • Ni Made Ary Dwijaynthi M Universitas Pendidikan Nasional
  • I Nyoman Subanda Universitas Pendidikan Nasional


Implementation Theory, Public Policy, Good Governance



Health development is part of the national development in order to realize the president’s vision and mission and the implementation of the fifth goal nawa cita improwing the quality of human life in Indonesia. To realize the degree of extended public health organized the efforts of individual health and public health efforts with promotion approach, preventive, curative and rehabilitative integrated and comprehensive and continues.In fact many health development target healthcare role laid the basis in particular of clinics to display performance is optimal event., but it turns out that there are still many clinics that have not been able to play a role in satisfying in the implementation  of health development.

The by 2016 the operational assistance funds health centers health every county / city in which to manifest degrees through the efforts and preventive and promotion. By 2015 in the physical realization of bangle budget 100 % and 98.9 % reaching financial. From The results of monitoring of the ministry of health of the Republic of Indonesia’s liability is in compliance and maximum absorption already but there is still issues such as community participation in problem solving and communication to achieve the goal in an government.

This problem arises from a concept of how the implementation of the operational assistance health, what factors affect as well as local strategic used to solve these problems by using the theory and implementation of good governance. This research is descriptive  research with kwalitatif lokus in health services and public health in the Bangli.

Based on these research results obtained from the conclusion that the implementation of the operational assistance of health policies on the health services and public health in bangle. Of the four principles of good governance that used a less fulfilling than the assumptions the researcher accountability as well as social factors i.e. affecting the creation of community participation in decision masking


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